Basemark PAT - devices

Optimizing applications for power consumption using Basemark PAT


Teemu Virolainen is a senior software engineer at Basemark, a company that develops industry-leading system performance and power consumption analysis tools that are used by leading semiconductor and OEM companies around the world such as AMD, Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Renesas and Qualcomm. Its world-renowned product portfolio includes Basemark Metal, Basemark ES, Basemark X, Basemark […]

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ProtoStar - Unreal engine

Panel of graphics experts discusses Vulkan at the Khronos Paris chapter


At the end of January, I was at the ISART Digital in Paris to join a panel discussion titled New Graphics APIs discussion panel at the dawn of Vulkan. The meeting was organized and chaired by Christophe Riccio from Unity and focused on the Khronos Group’s new Vulkan graphics and compute API. Vulkan is a […]

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Imagination at GDC 2016: Vulkan and ray tracing take center stage


With our world-leading PowerVR GPUs already in the hands of over 2 billion users, Imagination delivers the leading solutions for mobile, AR/VR, and other embedded graphics platforms. At this year’s Game Developer Conference, we will be hosting a day of developer sessions on our PowerVR GR6500 ray tracing GPU and Vulkan. You can also visit our […]

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PowerVR Ray Tracing - demo (1)

Ray tracing, the walking dead and monster trucks at MWC 2016


Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has served as a launchpad for some of the most exciting innovations in graphics technologies from Imagination. In 2014 we disclosed the in-depth architectural details for the PowerVR GX6650 GPU and the way we’ve designed its 192 ALU cores while 2015 saw the introduction of PowerVR GT7900, a super-GPU aimed […]

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PowerVR Series8XE: why should mobile, automotive and consumer electronics OEMs care?

Today is an exciting day for us here at Imagination as we are announcing a brand new family of PowerVR GPUs – the PowerVR Series8XE. Before your eyes glaze over staring at our alphanumeric nomenclature, let me quickly explain. Imagination’s Rogue family of GPUs falls into two distinct categories: the XT Series and the XE […]

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PowerVR Series8XE GPU - PowerVR Rogue

PowerVR Series8XE: improving efficiency and reducing costs for the ultra-affordable market


The past year has done wonders for affordable consumer electronics devices. We’ve seen a major boost in areas like Latin America or Asia where many hero brands — both national and international — have introduced smartphones, tablets, 4K TVs or media streaming devices at very exciting prices. For example, a year-end report published by the […]

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Why partners matter in today’s semiconductor industry


I still remember when I entered the world’s biggest semiconductor company by value in 1980. This was an era where not invented here was the motto for many silicon vendors. And if they didn’t invent it, they made sure to convince everyone else that it wasn’t needed. Semiconductor companies also had a habit of doing […]

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Vulkan demo screenshot

Experience Vulkan graphics and compute at launch on PowerVR GPUs


Vulkan™ started more than a year ago as a cross-industry effort to develop an explicit API designed to work optimally on today’s leading-edge hardware. The activity has been managed by the Khronos™ Group, the same non-profit organization that develops popular APIs such as OpenGL ES, OpenCL, WebGL, or OpenVX as well as the universal file […]

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8-Fantasy Warrior 3D - Fragment processing

GPU performance analysis on Fantasy Warrior 3D with PVRTune


In my previous post I provided a brief introduction about our target platform (Cocos2d-x on PowerVR GPUs), and a set of profiling rule and tools. In this post I will demonstrate how to work with PVRTune to identify performance bottlenecks. Setup environment If you are interested in exploring the Fantasy Warrior 3D game, you can […]

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Video-codec-MSA-MIPS SIMD Architecture

Leading video codec libraries add support for MSA


We’re currently experiencing a once-in-a-decade revolution in the world of digital entertainment. The rising popularity of video streaming services among consumers is creating whole new business models for companies involved in this fast-growing market. The good news is that standards bodies have been working diligently to prepare the industry for the shift to high-resolution video […]

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