Great graphics IP, it’s about software too


It’s common to think of Imagination Technologies and companies like us that are in the business of selling world-class semiconductor IP that powers some of the most exciting consumer electronics and interactive systems on the planet as hardware companies. Our products are most easily discussed in the context of silicon, and in terms of flops, […]

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MIPS_Google_IO_2012_Virtual reality spheres at the after hours event

Google I/O 2012 – Smooth like butter, with Google Now and a new Partner Development Kit (PDK)


This year marked the 5th consecutive Google I/O 2012 event –the annual gathering that Google organizes in San Francisco for developers building applications for various Google platforms, including Android and all associated Google services – maps, cloud storage, Chrome, etc. This year, 6,000 people attended from around the world. The sessions varied from in-depth technical […]

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The rise of GPU compute: CPU vs. GPU GFLOPS comparison

The rise of GPU compute


“If you were ploughing a field, which would you rather use: two strong oxen or 1024 chickens?” Seymour Cray, the father of supercomputing GPU compute refers to the current trend of using cores aimed at rendering graphics to perform computational tasks usually handled by the CPU and has had a major impact on the way […]

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Android: The path to unification is here


During my keynote presentation at COMPUTEX Mobile Forum in Taipei the week before last, I spoke about application development on Android today. In contrast to the often negative portrayals of today’s Android apps development landscape, I wanted to offer a more positive point of view, highlighting the significant progress that has been made towards unification. […]

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NDS surfaces

The Future of TV


TV has undergone an amazing transformation throughout the last decade with the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting, the penetration of high-definition services (HDTV), increasingly larger displays driven by the migration from cathode-ray through plasma, LCD and LED towards OLED screen technology, right through to today’s trend in connected (or smart) TV. Presently around 250m […]

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mips interAptiv

Balancing the Yin and the Yang of SoC design with the new interAptiv family of cores


Performance and power/area are generally conflicting design goals and represent the Yin and Yang of SoC design.  There’s a constant push and pull with every generation of SoCs, and just when you think you’ve achieved the perfect harmony, the target moves on you! Actually, it’s rather amazing how rapidly SoC performance targets shift and how […]

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AMA rate control

Real-time in no time: how multithreading and intelligent scheduling can work together.


Fresh from ECN we have an article by Paul Evans on Real-time apps using multi-threads describing how hardware multithreading proves to be a more effective solution to traditional CPUs by  delivering real time response while taking into account the three key elements for consumer electronics: low power, low cost and small silicon area. Having a […]

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77% of engineers feel pressure to reduce power consumption in their designs


MIPS recently commissioned a survey to determine the top concerns among design engineers. The survey was performed by the independent technology marketing firm McClenahan Bruer Communications, which queried 110 engineers culled from a reputable, third-party database. The survey was one of the many pieces of supporting research for the May 10th launch of our new […]

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Video and Voice over IP on LTE – the (r)evolution continues!


Krishna Yarlagadda and Saraj Mudigonda have recently been featured in Mobile Dev & Design with an article on how V.VoIP (Video and Voice over IP) can provide a superior multimedia experience by relying on LTE’s (Long-Term Evolution) available bandwidth and guaranteed quality of service. The authors clearly describe the problem of existing OTT (over-the-top) clients in […]

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MIPS delivers keynote at Android Day 2012


On the heels of Google’s inclusion of the MIPS architecture in Release 8 of the Android NDK, MIPS presented a keynote speech at the Android Day 2012 – Link All Together event, held on May 2nd and 3rd in Taipei. Perfect timing! Several hundred people gathered at the conference to discuss current Android trends and […]

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