PowerVR G6630: go fast or go home


Here at Imagination we have a simple goal: to set a new benchmark in efficiency with each GPU core of the PowerVR graphics IP family we release. Efficiency essentially means that each core is optimized to deliver the highest performance possible with the lowest power consumption. The 2012 Embedded Technology Conference and Exhibition (ET) was […]

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Over 1 billion units shipped by Imagination’s partners


[View the story "Over 1 billion units shipped by Imagination's partners" on Storify] Over 1 billion units shipped by Imagination’s partners Two years to this day, Imagination was proud to announce its partners had shipped over 400 million units incorporating PowerVR graphics and video IP, as well as Ensigma Radio Processing Units, Meta general-purpose processors […]

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4G World: HelloSoft VoLTE and VCC SDK

4G World: the wonders of mobile broadband technology


Despite the harsh weather conditions caused by Hurricane Sandy, the 4G World Conference has successfully drawn to a close, with exciting announcements and gripping key notes from industry leaders like 4G Americas, Aepona, AT&T Labs, Clearwire and even the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Some of the themes from this year’s event revolved around how the […]

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A brief history of the PowerVR Series5XT GPU family


With the new wave of PowerVR-enabled devices reaching consumers just in time for the holiday season, we’ve put together a brief history of the PowerVR Series5XT GPU family, from its announcement up until the release of the newest member, the PowerVR SGX554MP. We hope you enjoy it, share it around and follow us on our […]

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HelloSoft Social Communicator for social networking on mobile

HelloSoft Social Communicator: Bringing Social Networking and VoIP together


With the 4G World Conference in full swing, Saraj Mudigonda, Business Development Manager, and Allan Johnson, General Manager, are currently in Chicago, demonstrating Imagination’s HelloSoft IP portfolio of highly-portable, standards-based, fully-featured video and voice over IP (V.VoIP), VoLTE and RCS software. We’ve asked them to provide a short description of what social networking integration means […]

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Video and voice applications: native vs hybrid apps

Video and voice applications for tomorrow’s mobile world


Saraj Mudigonda, Business Development Manager for Imagination’s HelloSoft Video and Voice over IP solutions has recently been looking at how the rise of smartphones, the impact of high-resolution tablets and the rapid development of mobile operating systems like iOS or Android have determined more app designers to enter the mobile world. With 4G World coming […]

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Meta CPU simultaneous multithreading: AMA (Automatic MIPS Allocation) example

Imagination’s Meta CPU: advanced simultaneous multithreading


In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, edging out other solutions both in benchmarks and in actual real life usage scenarios becomes a matter of efficiently combining the resources at hand to achieve the much-sought higher performance rather than relying on just one factor or performance metric. Therefore, after returning from a successful 2012 Linley Tech 6th […]

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Ensigma RPU - typical SoC architecture

Ensigma RPUs: the next big thing in SoC integration


Following our launch of Enisgma UCCP330  and the recent announcement of a license agreement with Qualcomm for certain IP from our Ensigma broadcast, communications and connectivity family, it’s now becoming clear that the importance of Radio Processing Units (RPUs) in the context of SoC evolution is growing rapidly as the concept RF integration is bound […]

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IFA and IBC: WiDi

IFA and IBC event roundup


Simon Forrest is Imagination’s Senior Marketing Manager for the Connected Home. We’ve asked him to give you a brief highlight of the 2012 editions of IFA and IBC, two events which act as the barometer for how the Connected Home and Digital TV segments are developing. IFA and IBC have shown the industry is evolving […]

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Smart television ownership

Driving the Future of Innovation in Television Technology


Mike Hopkins, our Mobile Marketing Manager, attended the Future of Innovation in Television Technology Taskforce, an event organized by the Digital TV Group (DTG) which also had Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries as a special guest. Here’s a short summary of what happened on the day. The Digital TV Group (DTG) […]

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