PowerVR video: banding effects in 8bit images

PowerVR Series4 video IP cores: the world in 1 billion colours


With the recent launch of our next generation video cores, the PowerVR D4500MP decoder and PowerVR E4500MP encoder, we have brought a series of exciting new features designed to preserve colour fidelity from source to display and provide the performance required for ultra-high definition video applications. Building on the strength of the highly acclaimed PowerVR […]

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Why batch profile shaders?


Imagination’s PowerVR DevTech team has a brand new tool that will help you accelerate development work for any application dealing with shaders, especially high-demanding mobile games. Joe Davis is here to give you a brief description on what the tool does, how you should use it and why he put everything together in a small, […]

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Introducing the brand new OpenGL ES 3.0


Five years after revealing OpenGL ES 2.0 to the world, the Khronos Groups has recently published the brand new OpenGL ES 3.0 specification. Aimed to be backwards compatible with the previous version, this iteration will enable developers to add more features to graphics applications. We’ve been one of the key members of the Khronos Group, […]

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MIPS gets the gold in the Jelly Bean olympics


Two weeks ago, MIPS and our partner, Karbonn, announced the commercial availability of an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet. It was in fact the first 3rd party Jelly Bean tablet offered for sale in the world.  To be clear, MIPS-Based Karbonn Smart Tab 1 was the first Android 4.1 tablet beyond Google’s Nexus 7 in […]

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Imagination at SIGGRAPH 2012

Who’s up for SIGGRAPH 2012?


For the past weeks we’ve been tweeting about the SIGGRAPH conference, one of the most important forums for computer graphics research. We will be showing the PowerVR graphics technologies that are enabling fully compliant graphics acceleration for the latest generations of OpenGL ES, OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenRL™ and DirectX APIs across the industry’s leading applications processors […]

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4-threaded Meta CPU

Meta just got a new set of toys: Dolby MS11 certification


After looking at the future of the TV market and analysing the potential of Meta, Imagination’s general-purpose processor, it’s high time we underline some of the potential of our CPU offering in the high-definition audio market, more specifically how one can take advantage of the recently achieved Dolby MS11 certifications for applications such as HDTV, […]

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Early access to Android releases: the magic of the PDK


At Google I/O 2012 in June, developers from the Android group spent a good amount of time describing the latest move forward for OEMs/silicon vendors: the Partner Development Kit (PDK). Prior to the PDK, OEMs and silicon vendors that were not involved in one of Google’s exclusive launch devices had to wait for the open […]

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The promise of heterogeneous computing: an insider look at the HSA Foundation


There has been a lot of talk recently about the HSA Foundation that AMD, ARM, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek and Texas Instruments have set up. Articles in the Inquirer or PC Mag have looked at the implications of this union which was announced through the official press release at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit  in Bellevue, […]

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PowerVR G6430 block diagram

PowerVR G6230 and G6430: family values gone ‘Rogue’


We’re expanding our PowerVR Series6 IP family with two new members: PowerVR G6230 and G6430 – two graphics processor cores with two and four clusters, respectively. Providing our partners and our ecosystem with our latest and greatest IP accompanied by the right tools they require to succeed in the business is vital to us as […]

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