Video and voice applications: native vs hybrid apps

Video and voice applications for tomorrow’s mobile world


Saraj Mudigonda, Business Development Manager for Imagination’s HelloSoft Video and Voice over IP solutions has recently been looking at how the rise of smartphones, the impact of high-resolution tablets and the rapid development of mobile operating systems like iOS or Android have determined more app designers to enter the mobile world. With 4G World coming […]

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Meta CPU simultaneous multithreading: AMA (Automatic MIPS Allocation) example

Imagination’s Meta CPU: advanced simultaneous multithreading


In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, edging out other solutions both in benchmarks and in actual real life usage scenarios becomes a matter of efficiently combining the resources at hand to achieve the much-sought higher performance rather than relying on just one factor or performance metric. Therefore, after returning from a successful 2012 Linley Tech 6th […]

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Ensigma RPU - typical SoC architecture

Ensigma RPUs: the next big thing in SoC integration


Following our launch of Enisgma UCCP330  and the recent announcement of a license agreement with Qualcomm for certain IP from our Ensigma broadcast, communications and connectivity family, it’s now becoming clear that the importance of Radio Processing Units (RPUs) in the context of SoC evolution is growing rapidly as the concept RF integration is bound […]

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IFA and IBC: WiDi

IFA and IBC event roundup


Simon Forrest is Imagination’s Senior Marketing Manager for the Connected Home. We’ve asked him to give you a brief highlight of the 2012 editions of IFA and IBC, two events which act as the barometer for how the Connected Home and Digital TV segments are developing. IFA and IBC have shown the industry is evolving […]

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Smart television ownership

Driving the Future of Innovation in Television Technology


Mike Hopkins, our Mobile Marketing Manager, attended the Future of Innovation in Television Technology Taskforce, an event organized by the Digital TV Group (DTG) which also had Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries as a special guest. Here’s a short summary of what happened on the day. The Digital TV Group (DTG) […]

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PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.0

Do more with the new PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.0


Imagination’s PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.0 is out and we are now ready to reveal the exciting features, tools and utilities we’ve made available to developers. This release brings an important list of improvement and updates compared to the previous version (the PowerVR SDK v2.10) as we’ve talked to developers from large game studios and indie […]

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14_NovaThor L9540 from STEricsson supports LTE

Voice over LTE – the sound of change


After attending the 9th edition of the LTE World Summit, we have been hard at work analyzing comments and feedback from the speakers at the conference while also thinking about how we can improve our voice and video solutions to offer a complete and integrated package for the widespread arrival of 4G LTE. 4G LTE […]

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android ndk

Android APKs slim down – big is out, small is in!


When Google launched Android, it had a very apparent goal of portability. Starting with the underlying Linux kernel, all layers of Android are designed and implemented to be portable. Android runs on all three major processor architectures – MIPS, Intel and ARM. It also supports a variety of memory configurations, flash storage and graphics processors. […]

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A complete guide to tablet features and Imagination at a glance (new infographics)


Since we’ve been busy preparing our 2012 annual report, we thought we’d share two brand new infographics we’ve created. The first one – ‘A complete guide to tablet features’ – looks at one of the most iconic consumer electronics products to have come out in the last five years and analyzes the main features one […]

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PowerVR video: banding effects in 8bit images

PowerVR Series4 video IP cores: the world in 1 billion colours


With the recent launch of our next generation video cores, the PowerVR D4500MP decoder and PowerVR E4500MP encoder, we have brought a series of exciting new features designed to preserve colour fidelity from source to display and provide the performance required for ultra-high definition video applications. Building on the strength of the highly acclaimed PowerVR […]

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